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Pilot 4E Chlorpyrifos Agricultural Insecticide

Category : Insecticide 

EPA #      : 93182-7

Pack Size : 2 x 2.5 Gallon/Case

                 265 Gallon/Tote

For control of listed insects infesting certain field, fruit, nut, and vegetable crops and wheat.


CROPS Alfalfa Apple Tree Trunk Asparagus . • Brassica (Cole) Leafy Vegetables, and Radish, Rutabaga, and Turnip Christmas Trees (Nursery and Plantations) Citrus Fruits Citrus Orchard Floors) Corn (Field Corn and Sweet Corn, including Corn Grown for Seed) Cotton Cranberries Figs . Grape Legume Vegetables (Succulent or Dried) Except Soybean Onions (Dry Bulb) Peanut Pear Peppermint and Spearmint Sorghum (Milo) Soybean Strawberry Sugarbeet Sunflower Sweet Potato Tobacco Tree Fruit, Almond and.Walnut (Dormant/Delayed Dormant Sprays) Tree Fruits and Almond (Trunk Spray or Preplant Dip) Tree Nuts (Foliar Sprays) Tree Nut Orchard Floors Turfgrass Wheat.

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