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Gharda Fipronil Technical (98%)

Category : Pesticide 

EPA #      : 93182-14

Pack Size : 25 kg Drum                               


Product Description: 

5-amino-1-(2,6-dichloro-4-(trifluoromethyl) phenyl)-4-((1,R,S)-


 FIPRONIL is a broad-spectrum, moderately systemic insecticide acts by contact and ingestion. It belongs to the new class of phenylpyrazole insecticides. It acts as a nerve poison by blocking gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) regulated chloride channels. It controls a wide range of insect pest in soil and on foliage in many crops viz, rice, cereals, cotton, sugarcane, oilseed rape, vegetables and other high-value crops.

Recommended Use:

Crystalline semi-solid technical concentrate. For manufacture use in agriculture insect control products. Refer to product label for further details.

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