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“Knowledge converted through products, to wealth for the good of society.”

Established in 1967, Gharda is a research based company leading in the field of agrochemical manufacturing for the last four decades. Innovation combined with R&D has marked the rise of Gharda from a small unit to one of the most successful companies in the agrochemical industry.
A strong and vibrant R&D program and expertise in Process Development coupled with a team of outstanding scientists headed by Dr.K.H.Gharda, has enabled the company to capitalize on superior technology developed in-house.
This has led to the production of vital import substitute products and cost-effective Agro-chemicals on a large scale, now affordable to small and marginal farmers at the national level and a strong competitive international presence, saving foreign-exchange outgo, on one hand and earning significant foreign exchange.

Gharda products registered with the EPA in the United States: Chlorpyrifos, Dicamba, Diuron, Permethrin, Triclopyr, Mesotrione, Mepiquat Chloride and Fipronil.



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